Radar Detectors

Are You Looking for a Radar Detector? The radar detector industry has changed significantly in the past few years in direct response to the advances in the equipment being employed by police agencies nationwide. In order to understand the new technology, you must know how a radar detector works.

To make it easily understood, we will simplify the technology.
Basically, the speed gun emits a radio frequency that "bounces" off of your car and upon reaching back to the receiver tells the user how fast the object it bounced off of is moving at. The Laser type of gun does the same basic thing, using a laser beam rather than a radio frequency as in the regular one. The radar detector works by scanning the air for any radio frequencies or laser beams and alerts you if and when it detects one.

Not only do the newest versions have front facing detectors, but they also have side and back. This allows for the radar detector to pick up the presence of a speed checking device from any angle. For instance, if there is one in use up ahead and the signal is aimed at a vehicle other than yours, it will bounce off that vehicle at different angles. The newest technology in radar detectors is designed to pick up those "rogue" signals and alert you to the presence of the device.

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